How To Recover From Air Travel

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Once we set foot on an airplane, we essentially become baggage. We can’t do anything to reduce the length of the flight, eliminate the bumpiness or render our seats any more comfortable. Rapid recovery from a plane flight does rest in our hands, however, both in the way we approach the flight itself and the steps we take once we land. Plan carefully, and your jet lag will vanish rapidly; ignore the effects of the flight on your body and it may take days to reset your internal clock.

Items you will need
  • Water
  • Alarm clock
Step 1
Schedule meetings at your destination based on the time zone from which you are departing. If you live on the West Coast and have a meeting in New York, set the meeting for 1:00 p.m., which would be 10:00 a.m. according to your internal clock. This allows you to stay focused and remain at your best during such meetings, especially if you’re taking a short trip with a rapid turnaround.

Step 2

Drink lots of water during your flight. Airplane cabins are extremely dry and dehydration makes it tougher to recover. If you’re not sure you can get water on the plane, purchase some at the airport after you go through security; you can’t bring liquids in large amounts through the security checkpoint, but you can purchase them afterward. Continue drinking water once you reach your destination, and stay away from alcohol or caffeine on the plane; both are diuretics, which further dry you out.

Step 3

Gauge your arrival time and plan to either sleep or stay awake on the plane accordingly. If you arrive late in the day and stay awake on the plane; you’ll be tired and want to sleep when you land. If you land in the morning or early part of the day, try to sleep on the plane so you’ll be refreshed when you arrive.

Step 4

Exercise on the plane, even if it’s just a little bit. Get up and stretch periodically, and walk up and down the aisles. If you can’t get out of your seat, then perform small stretching exercises targeting your legs and feet. If you have a stopover, see if you can get off the plane, then walk or perform some basic exercises in the terminal. It keeps your blood flowing and prevents aches, which can lengthen your recovery time from the flight.

Step 5

Caffeinate after you land if you arrive in the morning, and avoid napping in the day if you can help it. Coffee, tea or caffeinated soda will keep you alert and awake until the evening, when you can engage in your normal sleep cycle. Conversely, stay away from caffeine if you land in the evening; it disrupts your normal sleep patterns.

Step 6

Exercise in the morning after you land, especially if you can do so outdoors in the sunshine or in a brightly lit gym. The lights and activity help your body naturally reset its internal clock, speeding your recovery. If you have trouble getting up, set an alarm clock to help you.

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Breeze Through Airport Security

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How to Breeze Through Airport Security

Airport security strategies include wearing shoes that are easy to remove and replace, being courteous, using a travel vest and making sure that a laptop computer is easily accessible. Plan for efficient navigation through the airport with help from a travel author in this video on airport security.

Happy 4th of July

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Happy 4th Of July Images For Facebook

Have a wonderful weekend,


Casino Night

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Feeling lucky? Make like a high roller and head to a casino resort near you—they’re located in most states in the country, we prefer Reno, NV, of course. While amenities and types of games vary widely, you’ll hit the jackpot if you seek out one that tries to replicate the Vegas experience—fancy restaurants, an all-you-can-eat buffet, upscale shops, and live entertainment.  There’s lots to see and do in Reno and the surrounding area and the weather is beautiful.  Come out and have some fun!


Happy Memorial Day

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As America celebrates Memorial Day, we pay tribute to those who have given their lives in our nation’s wars.

By John M. McHugh
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Happy Mother’s Day

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and do something fun with your mother.

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Some Things To Do In & Near By Reno, NV

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Lake Tahoe Photo info
  • Type: Natural Wonders, Skiing, Neighborhood/Area
  • Time to Spend: More than Full Day
Overall Rating: 5.0 (4.9)
Value: 5.0 (5.0)
Food Scene: 4.5 (4.5)
Atmosphere: 5.0 (5.0)
About these ratings

Sitting only about 40 miles south of “The Biggest Little City” on the border of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the country, boasting soaring mountains and crystal-clear waters. It’s best known as a skiing destination, where visitors will find top-notch facilities like Squaw Valley USA (which hosted the 1960s Olympic Winter Games) and the massive Heavenly Ski Resort. But Lake Tahoe also makes for an excellent summer getaway thanks to its sprawling beaches, ample boating and fishing opportunities and well-maintained hiking trails.

For the best views (no matter the season), recent visitors recommend a stop at Emerald Bay State Park on the California side of the lake. According to a visitor:  “It is breathtaking! I now consider it my new favorite place … I got several great shots from Emerald Bay. Very picturesque!!”

You can get to the area from Reno by following I-395 south to Rt. 431 and then hopping onto Rt. 28, which traces the entire perimeter of the lake. You don’t have to pay to tour Lake Tahoe, but different attractions around town may charge admission. For more information, visit our Lake Tahoe travel guide.

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Nearby Things To Do


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