Family Road Trip – Have Fun

Mistake #5

Everyone wants to stop but you’re completely off schedule.


You are going to have to stop. You are going to want to stop. You need to let those little beasties out to run around! Map out playgrounds or even fast-food places with playlands ahead of time. Check your GPS — most can locate parks and rest stops closest to the route you are driving. More important, face this fact: You can’t control everything, so don’t try. Plan for as much as you can and enjoy whatever happens. You might arrive later than you wanted, you may have gotten lost, you may have gotten sick – who knows – but whatever it was, it will probably wind up being the best story of the trip. Try to enjoy it all – while it’s happening and forever after.

Wherever you go, whenever you leave, whatever you decide to do, use these ideas to make getting there a little more fun!


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